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Endodontics, more commonly known as root canal treatment, may be required when a patient has severe tooth decay, damaged teeth or gum disease. 

Your teeth contain a mixture of nerves and blood vessels called pulp. This pulp extends down into the root of the tooth and this is the root canal. If the tooth becomes damaged it can allow bacteria to enter the pulp and the root canal resulting in inflammation and infection.

Root Canal Treatment

If an infection is left untreated it can develop into a painful abscess or even result in nerve damage causing the tooth to appear darker. Root canal treatment is undertaken by our very own Dr Marina Spanaki who specialises in endodontics. An advanced microscope is used to magnify the area as she removes the infected pulp and repairs the tooth to ensure minimal discomfort and effective treatment. 

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Understanding the process

Root canal treatment is a specialised branch of dentistry and typically enjoys great success rates. But it can require a number of visits to ensure that the infection is fully cleared and that your pulp has recovered.

During your first appointment, we will remove the infected pulp and drain any abscesses before cleaning and shaping the root canal before applying a temporary filling.

You will be given an appointment to return so we can check the tooth and see if the infection has fully cleared. Once we are confident that the root canal is free from infection a permanent filling is added and we may advise on a crown to give the tooth an added layer of protection and to help prevent further treatment down the line.

What is the alternative

If the pulp has been completely destroyed, we recommend that the tooth is extracted as the tooth will not heal. This is usually the last resort as the alveolar bone shrinks when teeth are no longer present. To help avoid this we may suggest a dental implant and crown.